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Financial Literacy with a Twist… Animation!

If you are looking for an answer to the question, “What is the best online trading course teaching financial literacy to teens and adults?”, then let me offer you a little help navigating your quest. Looking for the best trading course can be vague, and there cannot simply be one correct answer to that. How do you define what makes an online course better than the other?

Online courses rely on video content to relay information and teach the students about the subject matter. The problem with that is when the students are not present in person, they may be left with unanswered questions that arose due to their lack of understanding of the fundamentals. Maybe they don’t have any previous knowledge. Maybe they don’t know the meaning of a term the instructor is relying on to explain a complex concept.

Beginners, especially teenagers and young adults, find it hard to grasp complex concepts from online content. But at the same time, they are quick to learn new things and interesting facts from their favorite YouTubers. The difference is that platforms like YouTube reward creators for making more engaging videos. So they design their content to make it engaging for the viewers and attract more viewership.

One interesting element of this engagement is animation. The love from teenagers and even adults for comics and animes is irrefutable. We learned that animations perform better in demonstrating complex concepts. Words alone, whether they’re audible or in print form, cannot reach the same level of efficacy as animated video content.

Financial literacy has become hard to reach for beginners. The path from rookie to financially literate has a tight entrance. People find it difficult to grasp fundamentals to become financially literate because there simply aren’t enough learning resources that demystify those concepts in a manner that everyone can understand.

We have a very simple argument. If early teens can enjoy hard-to-follow storylines of young adult fiction series, they can most definitely adopt financial literacy.

It is only a matter of engagement and interest. The pandemic has brought people’s attention to online learning more so than ever. As a result, more and more students are getting comfortable with online learning. It’s an opening door towards the vast world of online courses where students can learn about topics outside their conventional curriculum.

We believe that the marriage between animation and learning will be the next substage of evolution for financial literacy worldwide. Therefore, the answer to the question of what is the best trading course that you can find online will be the one that is the easiest to understand for the masses. It will likely be the one that uses more engaging teaching methods, and animation is a major element of that.