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This Is Not Your Average Saturday Morning Cartoon!

There was a time during the 19th century when Saturday mornings were for watching cartoons. Those cartoons were fun to watch and often had valuable lessons to teach young children through storytelling and loveable characters.

They taught us how effective storytelling can be when coupled with animations. Children have a small attention span, yet they stayed hooked to the screens for hours. Even the adults indulged in them. People had a great family time with those huggable fictional characters and fun stories.

Little has changed over time. Children can still stay hooked to screens for hours on end watching animated nursery rhymes. Coco melon, a YouTube channel, is the most-viewed channel on the platform in the United States. That is a testament to how powerful video animation engagement can be.

Parents often complain that their children spend more time surfing the internet or gaming than studying. In reality, video games and YouTube videos are simply more engaging than textbooks. So if we want to teach them something, we have to compete with those mediums to win the teenagers’ attention. And the competition there is tough!

That is why schools have adopted graphic presentations to demonstrate facts and concepts in a better way. They are also, albeit failingly, trying a hand at meme culture references to make formal education more engaging for the students. But presentations and slides are easier to create than animating a story to explain the concept. The evolution continues regardless

In this evolving wheel of formal education, insert the pandemic that sent all kids back home to watch lectures on the very screens they spend a huge chunk of their days in. That helped open doors for video lectures and online courses and brought more attention towards them than ever before. The evolution speeds up, and people start acknowledging the factors that make a video lesson successful at teaching boring but important lessons.

We are one of those people who believe in the power of engaging content to teach young minds boring concepts that will help them in their adult life. We took this idea and tried to implement it in a highly challenging arena. The arena of financial literacy, money management, trading, investment, etc. We tackled the problem from a unique perspective. We took the fun from an average Saturday Morning Cartoon and injected it with our teaching subjects, which gave birth to this platform called Instructional Graphics. But this is not your average Saturday morning cartoon.

Our stock, forex, and commodity trading course online cover all the basics of investing for beginners. The series of animated stories explains the basic concepts of financing, trading, and money management in an entertaining way. They are fun to watch and easy to follow. We’ve designed the content in a way that students will watch because they enjoy it, not because they have to. Can you imagine a financial investment e-course that individuals look forward to taking because it’s fun and engaging? It didn’t exist before. Finally, Instructional Graphics has embarked on a journey to make finance-related subjects easily digestible for beginners, making the content suitable for everyone. The two e-course offered include “The Financial Bootcamp”, geared for teens; while “Teach Me like a Tot” is the investment course for the more mature.

Check out the courses that are currently available online. We have more courses in the pipeline that we will be sharing soon to spread the knowledge around the globe and make it accessible to people that have little to no knowledge about the fundamentals of financial management and investing.