Our Courses

Two courses, one goal, financial literacy!

Whether you're a young adult looking to learn financial basics or an adult interested in learning the financial markets, these courses offer easy to understand animated lessons.

With financial literacy lacking in the traditional school curriculum, many individuals learn finance with hard expensive lessons.  With teens and young adults in mind, the "Financial BootCamp for Beginners" is an introductory course in finance. Understand the psychology of spending, basic banking, compensation types and income deductions, the importance of good credit, budgeting, future planning, investments, and more.

For the future investor, "Teach Me Like a Tot" is a course covering a wide range of topics geared to investing.  Learn how different investment assets (equities; options; forex; and futures) works, how technical analysis is used when making trading decisions, and SO MUCH MORE! Find out why risk management is critical to successful trading. Learn the importance of developing a trading plan and how to incorporate different market orders in your strategy.

Instructional Graphics offers best online stock trading courses for beginners. If a stock trading technical analysis course sounds too much to you, then you need to check out our online classes for investing in the stock market. Teach Me Like a Tot is nothing like the conventional stock broking courses you’ll find online. Our finance and stock market courses are designed to benefit people with no understanding of the stock market and even young adults. We dissect and explain concepts in a simple manner that other online stock market analysis and trading courses can not. Explore the stock trading hub of knowledge for beginners that is Teach Me Like a Tot, today!